EURIX, the parent company of the homonymous Group, is an IT consulting company, founded in 1990, focused on the design and implementation of software solutions based on innovative technologies.

The drive for innovation has ensured a constant projection into the future, allowing to offer services and solutions at the forefront for our Customers.

The motto “Software Innovators” is not just a slogan but a true operational culture.

The experience of the past, the innovation in the present, the look to the future: this is the synthesis of our vision.

Experimenting, developing and integrating: these are the words that have always inspired EURIX‘s mission.

The company offers a wide range of specialized services for markets such as Telco & Media, Pubblic Administration, Energy & Utilities and Industry. The operational areas are:

  • System Integration & Security Management, through the competences developed in IT governance and network management systems; since its foundation, the company has provided specialist advice in the Cybersecurity field.
  • Energy Efficiency & IoE, thanks to the conception, the design and the development of EOS³ – Energy Operating Saving Cube, a suite of products for the optimization of plants operation through intelligent automatic control and smart remote management, identfying the Internet of Everything as a support for Energy Efficiency.
  • Application Lifecycle Management & DevOps, through the knowledge gained in management the entire application lifecycle (ALM), supporting it with the appropriate Agile Project Management methodologies; the management of the ALM is then based on DevOps principles.
  • Digital Content Management, thanks to a consolidated experience in multimedia content management, that covers several areas, from the analysis of objects around us (Intelligent Vision System), to their information enrichment, to the preservation of content in the long term (Digital Preservation).

Since 2016, EURIX has achieved, according to the parameters defined by the Ministry of Economic Development, the recognition of  “INNOVATIVE SME”.

EURIX is a company certified with a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Any further information is available on the website: