EURIX‘s contribution, in view of the collaboration with UniTo to increase energy efficiency in Campus Luigi Einaudi (CLE), consist of adopting and implementing EOS³.
EOS³Energy Operating Saving Cube is the suite of products, designed and developed by EURIX, for the optimization of plants operation through intelligent automatic control and remote management.

During these first months of experimentation, the project has already achieved significant economic and CO2 production savings. Through the EOS³ automatic control, it was possible to verify and refine the regulations of the Air Handling Units (AHUs) and terminals of the entire complex and to standardize the temperatures in buildings. These first regulations have already involved a saving, compared to 2018, of 500.000 kWh of electricity and 80.000 m³ of natural gas, in the months of July and August 2019, avoiding the emission of about 336 tons of CO2.

The Campus Einaudi is a futuristic complex designed by Norman Foster and has been included by CNN among the 10 most spectacular university campuses in the world.

The Campus is the seat of the School of Law, Politics and Social-Economic Sciences of the University of Turin and hosts the Department of Law, the Department of Economics & Statistics and the Department of Cultures, Politics & Society.