The solution proposed by EURIX, as part of the TIM program called “Gas Efficiency“, consisted in the application of the EOS³ – Energy Operating Saving Cube suite of products for the optimization of plant operation through intelligent automatic regulation and smart remote management.
The system, in addition to certifying substantial savings in economic and CO2 emissions, aims to spread a culture for a conscious and correct management of resources.

EOS³ suite ha been adopted on 11 large, highly energy-intensive properties (with annual pre-implementation consumption of over 100.000 m³ of natural gas) and distributed geographically throughout Milan, Turin, Florence, Genoa and Bologna.
The initial target of reaching 25% savings has been largely exceeded, succeeding in ensuring, from the first thermal season, an average annual saving of more than 30%, guaranteeing the requirements of well-being and comfort for the workplac