The ELF project, which stands for “Improving Efficiency of street Lighting through Intelligent Dimming and Radio-Frequency data-connection”, aims to develop a new intelligent infrastructure for public street lighting.

This infrastructure is equipped with innovative sensors that can optimize energy savings and increase the reliability of lighting systems, adjusting the luminous flux according to the traffic vehicles situation, the reflection of the road surface and weather conditions.

ELF aims to raise the current energy efficiency standards of street lighting systems by implementing innovative solutions in order to optimize electricity consumption with adaptive real-time regulation.  Monitoring and analyzing captured data also allows to improve the reliability and safety of the lighting systems and to optimize the maintenance operations.

The capillarity of public lighting is suitable to extend the network of associated sensors, thus enabling the introduction of additional services such as environmental monitoring (air quality, pollution, flooding) and public safety audits (identification of traffic accidents, deterioration of horizontal road signs, identification of the traffic situation).


Making the ELF solution scalable is one of the main targets of the project. Scalability obviously involves compatibility, at different levels of benefits, with lighting networks equipped with remote controls of various manufacturers and adaptability, in order to obtain a complete and integrated system for monitoring and control of lighting and related sensors.

The project partners are: ARDEA ENERGIA Srl, EURIX Srl, ENVIRONMENT PARK SpA.

The ELF project started in October 2017.

Cluster Clever – Energy and Clean Technologies.

Project: ELF – “Improving Efficiency of street Lighting through Intelligent Dimming and Radio-Frequency data-connection”.

Code: 311-126.


Asse I-Azione I.1b.1.2-Poli di Innovazione Linea A